Rise: Diagnosis + Re-Entry

Receiving a major medical diagnosis is life changing, and finding your way through it can be daunting. As you consider building your medical team, treatment options and possible next steps, know that support is available.

  • Patient navigation and advocacy services

  • Wellbeing discovery sessions

  • Custom wellness planning during treatment and re-entry into your life post-illness

  • Individual and group coaching

  • Community resources

    Session rate $50 per hour


Refuge: Support + Planning at End of Life Transitions

Moving toward end of life is unknown territory filled with many shifting emotions, including fear and anxiety. Support is available so you and your loved ones don’t have to make decisions in a state of crisis.

  • End of life planning: Advance directives, wills, funeral options

  • Holistic comfort care and support: physical, emotional, spiritual

  • Caregiver respite

  • Legacy work and family history

  • Vigil space planning and goals of care

  • Bedside vigil and transition guide

  • Grief and bereavement support

    Session rate $50 per hour


Re-emerge: Writing through Loss + Grief

coming soon